What is an All-In-One PC?


What is an All-In-One PC?


The all-in-one PC is making a comeback to its design with the help of new technology and the new Windows 8 operating system. If you want a PC that can bring you updated features in a slim and portable design, the all-in-one PC may be perfect for you. Let’s take a closer look into the features and makings of the all-in-one PC.


Size and Design


The all-in-one PC has the greatest advantages of the modern PC. Its small and slender design comes from the fact that all the system components are included in the monitor. There is no separate tower making it very portable, from place to place, or room to room. Have you seen Apple’s iMac? That’s a classic example of an all-in-one PC.


Some all-in-one PCs come with a HDMI input port that you can use for general gaming where you want to have a large screen. What the HDMI outputs offer you is the ability to add another screen or even a projector if you wish.


An all-in-one PC has a high memory capability and easy storage due to its slender design. It also has a much larger viewing screen than the average laptop, with a standard screen size of 20 inches. It’s not as portable as a laptop, of course, but it’s still easier to move from room to room than a standard desktop.


The design of the all-in-one PC with Windows 8 or OS X allows you more features for entertainment. You can play movies, games, watch television, surf the internet, and work.


Thin Housing Results


The thin housing of the all-in-one PC requires that some compromising may need to be accepted with the PC’s performance and cooling of the unit that can be very noisy. To keep this reasonable, some all-in-one PCs are made with processors that use lower power to reduce heat and consumption of power, thus resulting in slight to no noise in the cooling of the system.


Inclusion of Windows 8


Many all-in-one PC companies have realized the freedom this system brings to its users with more ease and freedom with a touchscreen all empowered by Windows 8. Everything is easily reachable with your fingers. The slim design and comfort does not force you to be at arm’s length to touch the computer screen, resulting in less arm tiring and even injury.


Of course, you can choose to go Mac, and the iMac range is hugely popular. Note, however, that these machines do not yet feature touchscreen.


As you can see, the all-in-one PC is just like a desktop computer, but it saves on space and looks a lot sleeker. It’s a good option for someone who might want the ability to move their computer to a new room, but doesn’t need the complete portability that a laptop or tablet has to offer.