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Working with a slow computer can sometimes be very annoying and irritating, but these problems may be caused by a variety of issues that can be resolved and eventually end up with a fast working computer. Problems that may cause your computer to run slowly may include the following;

1. So Many Background Programs
Where your computer may have so many background programs running, there may not be enough memory to run your very main programs. Most of the icons that you find on your computer’s system tray are background programs that are solely utilizing your memory space. These background programs can be successfully by the following steps:

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del Keys simultaneously
Click the Program or task bar
Then Click End Task

You can repeat these steps above to end all programs that are working in the background, using your memory and thereby slowing your computer down. But do remember that these programs will surely run again next time when you cold or warm boot your computer.

2. Fragments on Hard Drive
Your hard drive may have a lot of fragments which comes about as a results of programs being installed and later deleted. Normally when programs are deleted from computers, they always leave behind fragments of the old installation on the hard drive. This issue can be taken care of by constantly running the de-fragmentation program at least once a month.

3. Hard Drive Too Full
Your data and various application software will cease to function perfectly when your hard drive is too full. Most applications need some space for expansion during operation and therefore requires much more space on the hard drive. In the light of this, during installation on your hard drive, desist from using the whole space on the hard drive.

Leaving enough space on the hard drive allow the programs to run freely. This in essence keeps the hard drive from crashing and also keep your system form most error messages that is registered on most slow computers. There should be at least not less than 500mb sitting freely on the drive especially the drive C. If your PC is cluttered, you can take steps now to use a reputable PC Scan or other similar programs on the market.

4. Running Several Programs at the Same Time
In your bid to run several programs at the same time, its very likely your computer will run very slow. Every application you activated make use of your challenged and limited memory resources. In running heavy weight programs more of your memory is demanded and the system virtually goes slow.

5. Presence of Virus
The presence of viruses, adware, spyware, or trajans on both the hard drive and the memory may considerably cause a dramatic slowness in the over all performance of your computer. some times they do not only slow down the computer but if not checked, they can take over the computer completely.

To really take care of these parasites programs and to keep your system running smoothly you need to install an up to date anti virus, spyware and firewall programs. These 3 unique programs must be running always at the same time in the background. The behavior of these programs is that, they update themselves naturally by connecting to their mother website each time you log unto the internet. It is therefore paramount that, for these programs to run smoothly and successfully, your system must have enough memory and hard drive space.

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