Unable to access router and Wii internet not working?

Noa Asked: Unable to access router and Wii internet not working?

I was configuring my router, and I set the wireless security to "enabled" instead of "disabled". Now, I only get internet on my computer, not through the Wii (my computer is hooked up to the belkin router via an ethernet cable whereas the Wii goes through wireless, so that may be why.) The Wii is picking up the fact the router is giving off a wireless signal, but won't connect to it. Meanwhile, the internet is working fine on my computer. However, I cannot access the router, because whenever I type in "" (which used to work), "" (which the ipconfig now says is the Gateway), "" (which I've seen a lot of people refer), nothing comes up. Internet Explorer always says, "unable to connect." And it's not because of IE, because I've tried with Mozilla Firefox, as well. I've tried the ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew method already, as well as netsh, but nothing at all has worked. We even called in a Mediacom guy to check it out today, and he doesn't know what to do save for try buying a new Wii and see if that works. We're not exactly rich enough to spend money like that. Is there any way possible I can access the router at all…? To switch the wireless security setting?


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