Top 4 Drawbacks of A Tablet/ Desktop Hybrid


Top 4 Drawbacks of A Tablet/ Desktop Hybrid


There are many cool devices available for purchase today, and among the most recent additions is the tablet/desktop hybrid. The tablet/desktop hybrid has many advantages; it does allow one to have a tablet and a desktop rolled into one. However, there are also certain drawbacks to these computers that you should know about before you purchase one. These drawbacks are highlighted below.


1) Cost


Tablet/desktop hybrids are possibly among the most expensive consumer devices on the market today. That’s probably because they are new, and they are somewhat of an unique thing to have in your possession at this time. Prices may reduce significantly in the future; however, right now if your budget is small a tablet/desktop hybrid is out of the question.


2) Portability


While a tablet/desktop hybrid is portable compared to a conventional desktop, it still is not as portable as a tablet/laptop hybrid or even a laptop itself. The size of the tablet is a tad too big for regular on-the-go use, and it tends to be as heavy as bigger laptops. So while it’s portable enough to use as a tablet occasionally or while you are at home, it won’t be very comfortable or practical to use if you want to take the tablet out of the home or office regularly. The main benefit is that it can be moved around the home, perfect for watching movies and playing games.


3) Limited OS Options


If you are a fan of the iOS, then for now a tablet/desktop hybrid is not for you. Apple has not released any such hybrid as of yet, though it is not known whether they will in the future. If you don’t mind using Android or Windows 8, then this isn’t an issue.


4) It’s New


Since tablet/desktop hybrids are relatively new on the market, developers may not have fully discovered the device’s issue either with hardware or software. It is always risky to try out a new product when it has just been released; if you don’t mind waiting, then definitely go ahead and wait to see if consumers or developers go public with issues that may crop up with use.


These four drawbacks should be considered before you make your purchase; an educated purchase is a good purchase. That being said, don’t let the information here scare you and deter you from trying out a tablet/desktop hybrid. If you feel it is right for you, and you are alright with taking risks with new technology, then go ahead and take the plunge.