Top 4 Benefits Of A Tablet/Desktop Hybrid


Top 4 Benefits Of A Tablet/Desktop Hybrid


The latest electronic gadgets that are creating quite a buzz have to be the new tablet/desktop hybrid computers. These computers, which can function both as a tablet and a desktop PC are slowly becoming quite popular among computer users, but what exactly is all the fuss about? Read on the find out the advantages of a tablet/desktop hybrid.


1) Versatility


Tablet/desktop hybrids very versatile gadgets since you can use them both as a tablet and a desktop PC. Tablet/desktop hybrids come in many screen sizes enabling you to have one that you truly like. You can either dock the PC onto a desktop station complete with a keyboard or you can just carry it with you to your bed if you feel like relaxing while you complete your work, play games, or watch movies.


2) Performance On Par With Desktop PCs


Although the hybrid looks like a tablet, it has all the capabilities of a desktop PC. Some tablet/desktop hybrids even have better performance than current desktops and laptops. So if you’re worried that a hybrid PC can’t handle the job that you have for it, you’ll be pleased to know that hybrid PCs are just as good as other computers.


3) Faster and Easier Navigation


One big advantage of using a touch screen is the superior control you get when you use your PC. Whether you’re using the tablet/desktop hybrid on a table or while sitting on a couch, you can easily navigate the screen with your fingers or stylus. Compared to using a mouse and keyboard, utilizing the touch screen is often more convenient and intuitive. Plus it’s also faster.


4) Mobility


As mentioned earlier, tablet/desktop hybrids come in various sizes ranging from 10 inches to over 20 inches. If you have one on the smaller or even medium size, you can bring your device to class, work, or even when you travel. Being a true PC with full computer capabilities instead of just a tablet computer, tablet/desktop hybrids have ample computing power for you to do anything you want on it.


They are often lighter than laptops but are just as powerful, if not more. With a thinner, lighter computer than a laptop which can function just as well, you can bring your hybrid computer wherever you go.


The tablet/desktop hybrid is really an all-in-one computer and is most likely the future of personal computing. With improved mobility, intuitive and easy navigation, as well as top-notch performance, investing in this device is definitely a good choice.