The Benefits of Touchscreen Windows Laptops and Computers


The Benefits of Touchscreen Windows Laptops and Computers


Touchscreen devices are the latest in the design of laptops and computers. We’ve already seen how popular touchscreens can be thanks to smartphones and tablets, and now the technology is spreading.


The latest touchscreen laptops and computers are basically running the Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. Apple has not yet introduced the touchscreen technology into their computer range, though it is highly popular on their iPhone and iPad.


The Benefits of Touchscreen Windows Laptops


The touchscreen feature for Windows laptops is slowly taking the place of external additional accessories, such as a larger keyboard or mouse. It will also decrease the annoyance often experienced from trackpads on laptops that are either too sensitive or not sensitive enough.


Touchscreens are also widely considered to be more natural then using a traditional laptop trackpad. The latter can take quite some getting used to, and even when you’ve mastered it they can be quite limiting. This isn’t the case with the touchscreen. Even those with no prior experience can usually pick it up right away – it’s as simple as literally pushing your finger on what you want to select on the screen!


Not to mention the fact that touchscreen laptops are now being combined with the technology of a tablet computer – simply remove the screen from the laptop and you now have your very own portable tablet!


Benefits of Touchscreen Windows Computers


Using a computer as a touchscreen is very intuitive, as it offers a different type of interaction than you can get from a keyboard or mouse. Most of us do find mice and keyboards easier to work with than laptop trackpads, but this doesn’t mean the trackpad has no place in a desktop PC. Most people love the intuitiveness and fun factor of touchscreens, especially those who are already used to smartphones and tablets.


Many touchscreen features can translate your own handwriting to typed text. This is a great option for those who are quicker at writing than typing. This feature is especially great for young children who have a natural tendency to touch things, which can be very educational.


In short, it doesn’t look like touchscreen technology is going away soon. In fact, it’s bringing more and more “non-techy” people into the world of computing!