Something that has been happening to me.?

Ilovewillowsmith3 Asked: Something that has been happening to me.?

Look guys, I Just need to know what's the problem with me.
I would be sitting in a chair, in front of a computer and surfing the web. then, after a long time , like one hour or so, I Would get up and Stretch my Body. After stretching my body. My Head would start turn. I Mean something like fainting. NOT EXACTLY FAINTING. I WONT FAINT. But Just for 5 seconds or so, Its like I'm about to faint. But Then after 5 seconds Im PERFECTLY, NORMAL.
It only lasts for 5 – 6 seconds. It will happen after every time i stretch my body. Just Before half an hour , I was Using the computer and the got up from the chair and stretched my body. The Same thing happened, also my body started heating up. I Dint have Body balance. This just happened only for 5 SECONDS. Then i was back to normal.
WHY IS THIS Happening? =/


Absolut Answered:
Are you using Safari? I was using Safari and it started getting really slow for some reason. Switched over to Chrome and everything has been perfect.

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