Screen Capture Manager Demo

Screen Capture Manager (SCM) is the solution that allows to manage, from a central console, the Print Screen key and the Snipping Tool on any PC on the corporate network. This solution that well complementsthe all the existing security solutions for the prevention and detection of leaks of sensitive, personal or confidential data. How it works Once deployed on the corporate network, Screen Capture Managers allows to: *configure the Print Screen key and the Snipping Tool so that they can be: – enabled; – disabled; – enabled, with a shadowing feature, so that a copy of any screen image captured by the PC user is stored in a central protected archive, for a later audit review. * manage the user configuration from a unique console; * connect to Actice Directory or LDAP to retrieve the network users and computers list; * remotely install the monitoring agent on the PCs on the network; * disable any single key combination which includes the Print Screen associated to the Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Windows keys. The feature configuration is user related. The shadowing feature Shadowing is a feature that can be enabled to grab a copy of the image captured by the PC user and store it in an area that can be accessed by the auditor or the security manager for an audit review. Reporting and administration Each configuration and deployment task made by SCM is stored in an audit log for reporting purposes. Finally, you can configure additional administrative users to delegate the use of SCM to <b>…</b>

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