My iPhone 4 won’t turn on?

sportsgirl123 Asked: My iPhone 4 won’t turn on?

I put my iPhone in to charge last night, and it was still on and working fine. This morning I woke up and I saw the apple sign on my iPhone. I tried to press buttons to get to the home screen and it wouldn't work, so I held down the power button and it turned off. Then (this is all while it is still plugged in) I turned it back on but it came up with a screen telling me to plug it into iTunes. I thought ok, that must be the only problem. I unplugged my phone from the wall, but then it completely turned off even though it said that there was 96% battery remaining. I tried to turn it back on after that and no matter what I did I couldn't get my phone to turn on. I plugged it into the wall again and I just got the apple screen. Even when I plugged it into my computer and brought up iTunes it did not turn on at all.

What is going on with my phone and how do I get it to work and be turned back on?


SimpleLife Answered:
if you hold down the button on the top and the main button (bottom of the screen) eventually the apple sign should appear. this resets the iPhone and it would turn back on.

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