My 14 year old daughter snuck out of the house last night. I need Advice!?

Angela Asked: My 14 year old daughter snuck out of the house last night. I need Advice!?

She is a freshman in high school and has a boyfriend, a boyfriend we love! When I was younger I snuck out of the house too, but because my parents were so strict I couldn't do anything. But I have been raising her different, I allow her to do almost anything as long as I know where she is, she has her cell phone, and I know who she is with, she is not allowed to "date" but her boyfriend comes over for dinner all the time, but last night she snuck out to meet a different boy, one we hate, and went to HIS house and made out for hours. When we woke up at 6:00 am she was not in bed. I called her and she said she was sleep walking (obviously she lied) anyway she went to school and I was looking through her pictures on her cell phone (cause I am an investigative mother) and came across a pic of the boy in HIS HOUSE! I know right? I'm furious! The pic info said 8/31/11 4:45 am So I went to pick her up at school to find out what the hell was going on, so on the way to the ER to have a drug and rape kit done, (since she had no recollection of the night at this time) she blurts out.. okay, I snuck out. I am a 33 year old mother of 2 and my son is 12, I do not know where to go from here, as I type this she is sleeping in my bed (had a busy night), but I can't beat her (not that I want to, but back in the day my dad would have whooped my a**) She doesn't have daddy issues, my husband loves her to death and has raised her since she was 2. So far I have taken away her cell phone, her TV in her room along with the DVD player, and took the computer away (it's always in my room, but she is not allowed to use it now) what else? I feel like I am not getting my point across! I did the whole speech about the dangers of walking the streets etc but I need some advice.. please help me!


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