Modifications to your Desktop and other Windows of your PC

Customizing Computers depends upon the creativity of the person. More elaborate ideas would require a lot of skill and expertise in the field. Customization has already been explained at hardware level. At software level, customization is a little different. One can alter the appearances, sounds and settings of the home screen, windows, icons etc.

The desktop is the easiest part of the computer to customize. You can change the wallpaper with just a few clicks. Some computers even allow a slideshow option where, wallpapers keep changing after short periods of time. A person can also change the screensaver of a computer. Screensavers can be as elaborate as consisting of animations or even mini-games. Apart from changing the wallpaper and screensavers, newer Operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows 7 have widgets also. Widgets are huge icons that show things like the weather, time, stock market updates, news updates, picture slide shows etc. Microsoft and Apple both provide a huge number of widgets that can be added to the desktop screen of the computer.

Artists have taken the idea of widgets to create something more appealing for Computer users. One such design changes the home screen of a Windows 7 desktop to look like that of an Apple Computer. In other designs, artists have taken the icons of a computer and presented them in a very creative way. For example, one such design has a wall paper of a head with different cartoon dialogue clouds erupting with different icons of the same category. So all the internet related icons like Internet Explorer or the icon of any other browser and saved internet pages appear in one cloud, and another cloud has all the media related icons like iTunes, files of songs, videos, audio clips etc.

People can even customize their windows. Browsers like Google Chrome have the feature of changing the appearance of the background white screen of the window. It can be changed to any wallpaper that the person likes. This same thing can be done in other features also in Windows Vista and 7. Appearance settings also allow a person to change the look of the title bar of the window. They can make it look transparent, have a different color, nonexistent etc.

In Windows Vista, Microsoft have given users the choice of changing warning messages. When you close documents without saving them, the message in a small window appears, saying “Are you sure you want to close”. This can be changed to something personal and humorous, according to the person’s wishes.

Customizing computers is easy. The internet provides a whole data base of different modifications that can be made to your computer. Some of these can be purchased, some can be downloaded for free.