Macbook Pro 2011 has slow internet?

Mr T and the Foo Fighters Asked: Macbook Pro 2011 has slow internet?

Well lets just say that this computer did not come close to meeting my expectations. On my PC I have at home, the internet is fast and flawless. But, on my POS (piece of s***) Mac, my internet is so slow. I just got this thing a month ago. It's been having the same problem since I bought it. I have to have a Mac for college or else I'd throw it out the window. Everything else in the house runs fine on the exact same internet. This is the only one that runs slow. Anyone know how to fix this?


Captain Answered:
I'm pretty sure that could be a wireless router problem. Try connecting your mac to the ethernet cable and see how fast the internet is. If it's just as fast as your PC then you might need a better router.

Absolut Answered:
Are you using Safari? I was using Safari and it started getting really slow for some reason. Switched over to Chrome and everything has been perfect.

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