nece Asked: IS THIS A VIRUS OR WHAT?!?!?

Around August 2010. my computer stop working. when i try it on, it just show the logo and shuts down
I try resetting everythinglike my wifi and internet but nothing works. My dad friend says it has no virus. But i dont believe him. is it the PC notworking right and i have to take it to a shop to get it fix…I need to get it fix before for my little brother school starts.

Thanks you


Chris Answered:
You need to reformat your computer.
If that does not work, take it into a shop.

akatsuki Answered:
Pc networking? Are you serious? It doesn't sound much like a virus ( allthough it is quite possible if you have bad antivirus software), but pc networking can NEVER be the source of your computer crashing.I suggest you talk to someone who knows something about computers.

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