Is there a way to make a repeating circuit in Minecraft that is activated by a lever?

Grimmie XII Asked: Is there a way to make a repeating circuit in Minecraft that is activated by a lever?

**I apologize for the following run-on sentences, but it is hard to explain.**
I use a redstone wire with many repeaters (resistors) that after a while loops back on itself and will send a signal down a secondary path every 10 seconds or so to eventually activate a dispenser. If I use a button (sends a signal for 0.9s) , the current works perfectly and repeats just as it should but then I have no way of turning it off without having to sever the wire way over where I put the "loop." The wire needs to be very long so I can fit alot of repeaters in between so the signal sent from when the current loops back on itself is only sent every 10 seconds or so.

The Problem:
I don't want to have to set anything up after activating a switch or if I can somehow incorporate redstone torches into the device. Everything needs to work automatically, and the dispenser needs to be activated only when I pull a lever, but also needs to keep going on its own, even while a button previously started the "looping" process. I need a way to keep the current looping while being able to disrupt and reactivate the flow that leads directly to the dispenser.

Failed Solution A:
Using a piston to control the current by moving redstone away from the rest of the wire; acting as a switch, does not work because anything attached to a block that a piston is pushing or pulling falls off, so I'd need to set up the redstone every time I wanted to disrupt or complete the circuit.

Failed Solution B:
Using a button to first activate the wire keeps the current looping properly, but then I cannot shut it off. A lever cannot send an "off signal" down the wire to stop the looping at any point, as it sends a continuous charge and the repeaters won't turn back on with no current passing through them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And please, no silly or useless answers, if you don't know what Minecraft is or how redstone currents work (if you know how currents work in real life and you play Minecraft <so that you know what devices for building a current you have avaliable> that would just be awesome) then please do not bother to answer. Thanks.


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