Installation and Expansion of Hard Drives in your PC

Installation and Expansion of Hard Drives in your PC

Computer Hard Drives of computers are special storage capacities that permanently store data. These Hard Drives do not require any sort of power supply to retain information; hence they are called Non-Volatile storage capacities. Modern day Computer Hard Drives range from 120 Gigabytes to 3 Terabytes.


Computer Hard Drives – what they are.


A Computer Hard Drive consists of a disk like round object called the platter. On top of the platter contains the spindle. The spindle holds on to the platters as there are more than one. Platters store the data. They contain a light magnetic coat where the data resides. On top of the spindle and platters, floats the actuator arm. The Actuator arm resembles the tone arm of a Vinyl Record player. The actuator arms moves the read and write heads through which data moves to and fro between the platter and the processor. Platters revolve at around 3000-15000 revolutions per minute (the more revolutions per minute, the faster the computer performance is).

Although computers at home are not really needed for heavy and bulky data unless one works from home and conducts business through his home computer. But as time passes, new software and programs are being developed that take up a lot of space. For example, High Definition Video files are as heavy as 2 gigabytes. Imagine if we have ten or twenty of these files. Obviously to store them we need a lot of space. Hence we may find the necessity of expanding our Computer Hard Drive Storage capacity. There are several ways of expanding the computer hard drive. One can either replace their current hard drive with a new one, one can also use external hard drives, or if the computer has space for more hard drives, another hard drive can be installed.


Computer Hard Drives – expansion.


Computers at home these days are either laptops or desktops. While expanding computer expanding hard drives, Desktops are easier to work with. Modern computers have extra provisions for the installation of another hard drive. That way, the data stored in the computer is not lost. Laptops are a little bit more difficult. Extra hard drives cannot be installed in laptops. The main concern while expanding computer hard drives is the loss of data like pictures, videos, documents etc. In order to preserve these files some back up needs to be arranged.


Computer Hard Drives – external


Back ups can be created using external hard drives. In the case of a laptop, we would need to clone our data. Cloning simply refers to creating an image of all the data in the computer system. There are several software available for Cloning like Linux’s Clonezilla. Upon cloning the data on an external hard drive or any other storage device, the laptop’s hard drive can be replaced with a new one. It must be taken note of that changing hard drives means reinstalling a device drivers as well rebooting the operating system. When we clone our data, the operating system is also cloned. The new computer Hard Drive which will not contain the Operating system, needs to be rebooted so that the computer can be operated again.