i need some help with this ipod! D:?

Katia Asked: i need some help with this ipod! D:?

okay, well i have an iPod touch 4g, and i jail broke it, it was a tethered jailbreak. anyway, i used redsn0w. my home button was acting kind of faulty and i tried to fix the button but i couldn't, my sleep button works fine. my iPod ended up dying, and the only way to turn it back on is by putting it on DFU mode and running the software on it again. well that's the problem, to put it in DFU mode, i need to hold the home and sleep button together, but i can't since my home button doesn't work. the ipod will turn on when i plug into my computer but it will show the apple sign but after that it won't do anything. i was wondering, is there any way to put it into DFU mode without the home button? or some way of turning it on?

thanks, much help would be appreciated.


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