How to Increase the overall performance of your Computer using more Computer Memory

How to Increase the overall performance of your Computer using more Computer Memory

Computer performance can be increased in several ways. The need to increase computer performance is due to the fact that programs are updated regularly, and they become heavier and bulkier to process. While one cannot do much to increase the computer’s speed or efficiencies drastically, there are three simple ways that can be done at home to make a little difference. Both ways employ different computer memory types to accomplish this


Computer Memory – what to do first


The first way is to increase your Random Access Memory (RAM). Random Access Memory is the proper name for the temporary storage facility in the computer. Any processes that need to happen have to be first stored in RAM. The reason why it is called temporary is because RAM cannot retain any information once the power supply stops. So if you switch off your computer, all data saved in the RAM is lost. In most modern computers, RAM varies from about 512 Megabytes to 4 Gigabytes. The more space there is in the RAM, the more processes the processor will be able to store and process. So let’s say your computer has a RAM 512 Megabytes and your computer is not working that well. Sometimes it takes a lot of time to load programs. It can get frustrating. Thankfully, most desktop computers sold these days have 2 or three additional slots for the expansion of the RAM. When you unscrew the CPU, you will find the RAM slot in which a circuit board is dipped in. There is usually one circuit board of capacity 512 MB or two of 256 MB. These RAM cards are available at any store selling computers. You can easily fit it in the RAM slot (careful while fitting it, don’t apply too much force). When it is fitted in, reboot your computer and check in My Computers if the system was able to identify the change in RAM. If not, then the RAM was not installed properly.


Computer Memory – the next

The second way is the use your flash drive. Flash drives are external computer memory types which appear very small but have a huge capacity. A standard flash drive has a capacity of 1 gigabyte. Most computers with Windows XP or better have preloaded programs that can take the computer  memory space of the flash drive and integrate it with the RAM. This will immediately improve the performance of the Computer because the primary memory space has been increased. However, this method is not the better than the method suggested previously. The data stored in flash drives have a different and a slower interface with the processor than the interface between the actual RAM and the processor. Hence this type of computer memory is actually called flash RAM. Flash RAM is also slower than the actual (due to the slow interface). Hence this solution is best for temporarily. Complete reliance on this would result in, in fact, a slower computer performance.