How Does A Tablet/ Desktop Hybrid Differ From A Desktop Computer?


How Does A Tablet/ Desktop Hybrid Differ From A Desktop Computer?


Two decades ago, most people only had desktop computers at home. Now, we have those computers as well as laptops, tablets, and recently, tablet hybrids. One of the newest hybrids on the market today is the tablet/desktop hybrid.


A tablet/desktop hybrid is a tablet PC that has most of the features of a desktop PC, and can be used as a desktop PC when placed on a tablet stand with a keyboard and/or mouse attached to it. However, there are some differences between a tablet/desktop hybrid and a conventional desktop computer.


These differences include:


Portability. It’s quite obvious that the hybrid is more portable than a desktop computer, as you can also use it as a tablet (even though it’s more of a giant tablet).


Performance. The performance of a tablet/desktop hybrid is comparable to that of a desktop computer, but generally the hybrids have a higher internal storage capability; some even up 1 terabyte of storage available. Some hybrids also outperform desktop computers when you compare specifications.


Space. A hybrid has no CPU tower unit that needs to be attached to it; therefore it saves much more space than a conventional desktop computer. You just need a table to put the tablet stand on and a keyboard to go with the hybrid.


Price. This is where a desktop computer may be better. Since hybrids are relatively new, it’s no surprise that they are much more expensive than desktop computers. Expect nothing less than $1000 for most tablet/desktop hybrids.


When you look at it, the benefits of a tablet/desktop hybrid outweigh those of a regular desktop computer. However, if you are on a tight budget, then purchasing a tablet/desktop hybrid may not be possible for now. If budget is not a problem though, then you really can’t go wrong if you purchase a tablet/desktop hybrid that fits your needs suitably. You’ll be pretty happy that you did.


This is just a general comparison between tablet/desktop hybrids and desktop computers. Different tablet/desktop hybrids have different features, and some are better than others. So, if you decide to purchase a hybrid, be sure to research the different options available carefully and pick the one that closest fits your needs. Reading reviews by experienced professionals online can help you choose, so take some time to search for such reviews. The more information you have, the better the purchase you will make.