How could I become a doctor in computers?

David Clear Asked: How could I become a doctor in computers?

I was told I would have to go for my Degree first in ICT at University, then my Masters Degree the following year and then my Doctoral Degree the year after but is that right?


Kernow Lady Answered:
Sounds about right. Don't forget a PhD (Doctorate) is usually for 3 years research in a subject, it is not a course. You would have to find a Uni that has research in this subject and obtain sponsorship.

My son has a PhD in Physics.

paulfriedman7 Answered:
You are correct.Actually it's not necessary to get a Ph.d to get a job in computer science, but it is strongly recommended.You could stop with the Masters, unless you wish to do research.However getting a Ph.d will get you better pay and more job opportunities.There is a link for UK colleges in the "Finding a college or university" section of my web site

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