Good first part time job for a 15 year old boy?

Zagy20 Asked: Good first part time job for a 15 year old boy?

I am nearly 15 (In like two weeks) and im seriously considering getting a job to cover my finances (although I hardly spend any money). I live in Australia and hanging out with friends wont be a problem and im pretty sure I could get a job if I tried as most of the people in my grade have one (most are really quite dumb and im not sure how they got it). i would be looking for something with around $7+ an hour and only work maybe 1-2 hours after school max of 4 on weekends or holidays so any suggestions? Also would I be able to work for like 3 months and then quit or would they not employ me if i said that as i only need a couple of hundred maybe thousand. I figure if i make like $150-$200 a week i could not spend any and i would have roughly $1500-$2000 after a couple of months and that would last me months. I have a plan to work my @rse of for a couple of months then live of that for like a year (I don't spend much). I have done work experience in a metal factory if that helps at all and im good with computers and would be fine with talking to people if any of those would help im also pretty easy going and would happily do most jobs (provided its not unblocking the toilet). I am also lazy but if i have to do something ill do it no matter what so the hardest thing would actually be applying. Any suggestions?


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