Do You Really Need a Desktop Computer Any More?


Do You Really Need a Desktop Computer Any More?




In the past, pretty much every family would have their own desktop computer. Nowadays, things are changing. Many of us have smartphones and tablets, and have no real need for a desktop. This article will help you decide what the best option is for you.




Desktops vs. Laptops




When it comes to portable computing, the laptop is the best option if you don’t want a desktop. They can be almost as powerful as desktop computers, and are even popular with some gamers and designers (it does depend on exactly what you use it for, though).




Laptops are very affordable, and can easily be taken anywhere. You can even try a set up where you hook your laptop to an external monitor when at home, and disconnect it when you want to take it out and about. Plus you still have the option of using a plug in mouse or additional keyboard, depending on your choice. So if you want the best of both worlds, a laptop is a great alternative to a desktop.




That said, you can’t get around the fact that laptops are far more expensive for the specs. Compare a laptop and a desktop with the same specifications, and the laptop will always cost a few hundred more. That’s simply the price you pay for such portable technology.




Desktops vs. Tablet Hybrids




A tablet hybrid is like a desktop and tablet in one. It can be plugged in to function as a desktop, or be mobile and run on a battery like a large tablet computer. All of these hybrid devices will come with a stand included to make it easy to set it up on your desk when you want the comfort of sitting in an office. You can also connect these hybrid devices to a keyboard or mouse for easy working.




The major downside is that these are nowhere near as powerful as desktops for the price you pay. You’ll get a far less powerful machine for the same price you’d pay for a powerful desktop. That said, you’ll still be able to use a wide range of applications thanks to the Windows 8 operating system working over all devices, hybrids, tablets and desktops.




For Those With Simpler Needs




If you don’t even need to do proper work on your computer, and you just like to browse the internet, watch a few videos or send messages on social media, then you may find that a tablet or smartphone is a good option for you.




Both of these options can end up costing more than a desktop computer, but more and more people are choosing them instead thanks to the fact that they’re so easy to carry around, and intuitive to use.




So Which Is Best for You?




A desktop offers more power and internal storage space than other computers. This is essentially important for running high graphics and gaming. The desktop costs less than a laptop, though there is no freedom to use your desktop comfortably on your lap on the couch, or at the beach as you enjoy the beautiful weather!




If you want to be portable, a laptop or tablet is a great option. They have many hours of battery life (perfect if you travel around), and are simply more convenient to use – if you don’t need any powerful features.