Computer Speed Test

Computer Speed Test | Why You Need It and How to Do It

Computer companies are outdoing one another in producing faster personal computers annually. This is because people are looking for computers that can perform well with multi-tasking and of course, gaming. No matter how many browsers are open and programs running, people expects that the computer will be able to handle everything without a hitch. However, computers with continued use will slow down eventually because of several files that are already stored in it. The change in its performance is gradual. It is therefore important to conduct a computer speed test to see if the PC is running at its optimum level.

When to conduct a computer speed test?

Computer Speed Test
Computer Speed Test

Well, there is really no timeline in performing a computer speed test. It is recommended to do the test as often as needed to clean up the files and check the computer’s performance. There are several factors that slow down a computer and it is also important to know how to fix it. There are several ways to conduct a computer speed test and you can try any of the following:

First of all, before you carry out a computer speed test you need to know the speed of your computer in order for you to be able to set the standards. You cannot expect your computer to run faster than what it is was manufactured to do. There are several programs online that you can use to check your CPU’s performance. Most of the tools have two kinds of saying that your CPU is working well. It can display the measurement in GHZ or MHZ. It should match with your processor. Others use a color graph wherein green indicated great performance and red means slow performance.

There is another way to conduct a computer speed test and that is to observe the time it takes your computer to boot up. Restart your pc and take note of the time it took to display all programs and be on standby mode. After doing that, scan you’re saved files and programs. You will be amazed of how much files are saved and how many unused programs you have in your computer. Now, delete or uninstall those that aren’t important. Temporary files saved from the internet can also clutter up your space. One option is to download a cleaner online and have it perform a deep scan. This will remove all those temporary files that are saved on your computer every time that you browse the internet. Reboot your PC again and take note of the time. Compare the results that you have and it is noticeable that the programs are all up and running in a small amount of time it took the first time restarting the computer.

Computer Speed Test – check for viruses


An antivirus program is also helpful when conducting a computer speed test. Viruses are known to slow the computer’s performance. Make sure to do a complete and thorough scan on your system to remove them.

If you have already tried various methods of computer speed test and your computer is still performing below par, consider having it reformatted. Let a licensed computer technician do it for you to avoid any problems in the registry area.