Can Tablets Ever Replace Desktop and Laptop PCs?

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  Can Tablets Ever Replace Desktop and Laptop PCs?




  Tablets are very popular in today’s world, and have been outselling PCs for months now. Adults and children love using these thin and light devices that are not only portable, but can easily fit in a backpack, bag, or purse for easier transportation and use when you need them.




You can’t fail to see people out and about, captivated with their tablet computers. So the real question now is whether this craze is going to grow to the point of replacing desktops and laptops completely?




Qualities of a Tablet vs. a PC




The number one quality that tablet owners love is the portability. Tablets are way smaller and more convenient than desktops, and are even easier to carry around and load up quickly than laptops are. They also come with a good battery life – long enough for an average working day or plane journey.




However, nothing can beat the power of a desktop, and many laptops come with extremely powerful specs too. The truth is that you can’t run a business from a tablet computer, although it is perfect for more casual users who just like to check emails or keep up with social media.




The Use of a Tablet vs. a Laptop




Despite the benefits of tablet computers, those benefits probably aren’t going to appeal to people who work from their office all day. After all, tablets are very expensive when you compare their specs to a desktop or even a laptop computer. There is no way, in the foreseeable future, that people who work from home or in an office are going to be choosing a tablet over a desktop or laptop.




A tablet is ideal, however, if you want to update social websites, browse the Internet, play games, watch movies, and occasionally check and send emails. The tablet’s smaller screen and virtual keyboard are probably not as comfortable for productive work. You wouldn’t be able to prop it up and type long essays!




That said, there are now accessories, such as portable keyboards and stands, that can easily be used with a tablet. In this case, it would be worth the investment for work if you travel a lot or you work a lot outside of a traditional office. It could be seen as a fantastic addition to your primary machine, though not a replacement altogether.




The Downside of Tablets




Tablets have come nowhere near replacing the power of a traditional PC. So if you need to run demanding software, or even want to play top games, the tablet will not be of much use to you.




Tablets are also far more limiting when it comes to the software available. Most of the time, you are limited to certain apps. It’s not like a standard computer where you can download and run software from all kinds of developers. You are far more boxed in with a tablet computer. This won’t suit more advanced users.




So, in short, it isn’t likely that tablets are going to replace desktops and laptops. Maybe the technology will advance to the stage where they will, but for now standard computers still have a big place in our homes and our offices. That said, more and more people are buying tablets as a second computer, one that they can carry around at all times so they’re never out of the loop!