Assembling different parts of a Computer

Assembling different parts of a Computer

You may not be satisfied with the brands sell an entire computer system. You might complain of some of the parts being bad. Hence you decide to build a computer from scratch. Obviously this does not mean building a computer from very beginning that is with an integrated circuit. This means assembling different parts of a computer to make a computer system.


Assembling different parts of a Computer – why?


The primary reason for assembling is because it is the solution for the first line of the introduction of this passage. The parts manufactured by the same brand may not impress you. The advantage of assembling a computer is that you get to pick out the best of different brands and use them to create your own personal home computer. Thankfully, computer parts are easily available for purchase. They can be bought online or in stores. The main parts that a person needs to build a computer from scratch are the monitor, mouse, keyboard, and CPU. For monitors, people may want a big monitor (like the size of a standard TV). It could be a LCD flat screen monitor with high definition display. Buying a computer with such a monitor would probably be very expensive. However buying this separately would save a lot of money.


Assembling different parts of a Computer – the processors


The next item that the person would buy is the CPU. There are many companies that are not that well known in the home computers market, because they don’t sell computer systems but just CPUs. These companies assemble CPU with different high performance parts. A common specs list of such a CPU would be 12 GB RAM, 1 TB Hard Drive capacity etc. The person can also choose his preferred processor. The two famous processors are Intel and AMD. However, it is not limited to these two. There are several other processor names in the market but not as popular. Assembling a computer allows the person to choose one of these processors if he doesn’t prefer Intel or AMD.

With both the CPU and monitor picked out, all that is left is the input devices. Most notably these are the mouse and keyboard. In the market there are several different types of Mouses to be chosen from. One can choose a wireless mouse or a laser mouse with a lot of aesthetic appeal. Keyboards can be picked with the same preference. Wireless Keyboards, infrared keyboards, foldable keyboards etc are the different types of keyboards that the person can buy to assemble his computer. When everything is purchased, it is time to assemble. Assembling is not hard, if required, new plugs and extension cords should be purchased to manage the power supply.


Assembling different parts of a Computer – the software


Lastly, when the entire computer system is setup, all the necessary software must be installed. The computer must have a operating system, so the person has the choice of installing a Windows or a Macintosh with maybe custom themes etc. Hence building a computer from scratch is not difficult.